Absolut Pool Cleaning were life savers last week!  The pool cleaners I originally hired did a hack job and even managed to break the booster pump on one of my rental units.  When I found out and called them to come back out they were mysteriously missing in action.  With angry tenants and a busy holiday weekend coming up, I needed some serious help!

Thats when I called Absolut and they came out on time and did the job right!  In the pool cleaning business there are lots of chumps and a few champs, Absolut Pool Cleaning are definitely one of the good guys.

-Young S. 


I’m relatively new to the Vegas area and when I bought my house my pool was a wreck! With no pool service experience I turned to Absolut to clean up my pool!
And they gave me the first month free! :)

They have been doing great weekly service to my property, even made an emergency call on a Sunday when my automatic pool vacuum stopped working.

If you’re in need of pool service or looking to get better quality service I highly recommend absolut pool cleaning. They won’t jack you around and are very reliable!

-Brad S. 


It’s always great to take a dip in the pool when dealing with scorching summers in Vegas. My parents have a few residential properties in Las Vegas, and they are very pleased with the work Absolut provides. They feel 100% comfortable in the quality of work and the service given!

Eric C. 


I have gone through several pooling cleaning companies over the years and have finally found one that knows what they are doing.  Absolut has been keeping my pool clean and running properly at a reasonable price.  They know how to treat my salt water pool with solar heating and keep my equipment running right.  Do yourself a favor and give them a try.  It will save you a lot of frustration and time.

Rich K. 


I’m a Vegas native, and have always bought and lived in homes with pools. So in my day I have gone through several pool cleaning companies. So far Absolut Pool Cleaning is by far the best. They are real down to earth guy’s and they are straight shooters. They let me know that I had a bad pump on my most recent home and replaced the unit with a new more efficient pump. . and now I am saving approximately $350 a year in my power bill alone. They are also good about letting me know when I need to get my filter’s cleaned and replaced and they know how to keep all that white build up off the sides of my pool. Top notch guy’s, top notch service!

Jared S. 
Great service they are always on point and my pool looks fantastic. Very nice guys, I

highly recommend them. Absolutely!

Jack R. 


I really don’t yelp all that often and felt I should gladly post about how great of a job my pool guys have been doing on my pool. They seem to know what they are doing and are always on time with weekly services. Thanks so much.

Dayron H. 



 It’s about time that Absolut Pool Cleaners finally have a Yelp ad.  The owner let me know that they finally go it up and live so I’m lucky to be the first review! They have been servicing my pool for sometime now and they are always on time and never miss a day. I’ve had several pool cleaners maintain my pool in the past but Absolut is bar none the best so far. They also are very knowledgeable about pools, the equipment, when it’s time to change or clean the filters or shock the pool etc. They know their stuff and they are professional and friendly and my pool is always crystal clear! Give them a call you will be happy.

Josh U. 



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